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Ananda Village Most of Finding Happiness was shot on location at the Ananda Village in northern California, near Nevada City.

Founded in 1968 on 67 acres of land near the tiny Gold Rush town of North Columbia, Ananda has become a thriving village, with 900 acres, 250 permanent residents, nearly 100 homes, schools from K-8 through college, an infrastructure that includes its own water, energy, and telephone systems, biodynamic and permaculture farms, a yoga and meditation retreat, a publishing house, and a wide variety of community-owned and private businesses. Ananda Village is part of a network of intentional communities that span the globe.

road-aheadAnanda Europa was started in the early 1980s, in a summer villa in northern Italy near Lake Como.

In 1987 the community moved to the hills of Umbria in central Italy, close to the Assisi, the birthplace of St. Francis. It serves as a center for guests who come from every country in Europe for spiritual development. The year-round retreat facility hosts thousands yearly all over the globe. Ananda Europa now has about 150 residents, and ongoing development includes a school campus for children, a publishing house, an art academy, organic gardens and orchard, and a number of small businesses.



indiaAnanda India was founded in 2003 by Swami Kriyananda and a handful of Ananda members who initially began teaching near Delhi and Gurgaon. As Ananda India grew, a rural community was started in the countryside near Pune, Maharastra. Ananda now has teaching centers throughout the greater Delhi area, as well as in Bangalore and Chennai.

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