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Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness by Nayaswami Asha When I was ten years old, the only desire I had was to be happy. It was amazing to me, even then, that almost no one ever talked about happiness in the way I intuitively knew they ought to. They believed that if you went to college, married and had […]

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Finding Happiness – Some Practical Thoughts

Finding Happiness – Some Practical Thoughts by George Beinhorn   I don’t read the papers much, but several years ago I came across an article in the Sacramento Bee that fairly begged to be disbelieved. Here’s an excerpt: In a Journal of Medical Ethics article titled “A Proposal to Classify Happiness as a Psychiatric Disorder,” […]

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Bringing Consciousness into Education

Nitai Deranja founded the first Living Wisdom School at Ananda Village in 1972 based on the Education for Life (EFL) system. Education for Life is unique in its emphasis on inspiring each child from within to find their unique gift for life, to learn the skills needed to succeed in life from a holistic perspective. […]

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How to Have Happiness in the Workplace

Genuine leadership is of only one type: supportive. It leads people: It doesn’t drive them. It involves them: It doesn’t coerce them. It never loses sight of the most important principle governing any project involving human beings: namely, that people are more important than things.

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Bringing Ananda Yoga to the World

A new type of yoga, Ananda Yoga, is highlighted in Finding Happiness when Juliet discovers a spiritual form of yoga for healing and transformation in body, mind, and soul. She has a private yoga session with Gyandev McCord, the author of Spiritual Yoga: Awakening to Higher Awareness.  

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