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Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness by Nayaswami Asha When I was ten years old, the only desire I had was to be happy. It was amazing to me, even then, that almost no one ever talked about happiness in the way I intuitively knew they ought to. They believed that if you went to college, married and had […]

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Finding Happiness – Some Practical Thoughts

Finding Happiness – Some Practical Thoughts by George Beinhorn   I don’t read the papers much, but several years ago I came across an article in the Sacramento Bee that fairly begged to be disbelieved. Here’s an excerpt: In a Journal of Medical Ethics article titled “A Proposal to Classify Happiness as a Psychiatric Disorder,” […]

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How to Have Happiness in the Workplace

Genuine leadership is of only one type: supportive. It leads people: It doesn’t drive them. It involves them: It doesn’t coerce them. It never loses sight of the most important principle governing any project involving human beings: namely, that people are more important than things.

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