Early Praise

“Finding Happiness  lovingly opens our eyes to a world of opportunities that our battered psyches can avail of if we simply turn to one another with care, compassion and a little love. It breaks down walls between communities and continents to help create little sanghas of joy and togetherness. This is a spiritual family with a religiosity that is a priori, universal and comforting in our intolerant times…

…It is amazing how the leading lady casts her script aside in the last scene and reveals a heart that has undergone a genuine change and a soul in search of transformation.”  Victor Banerjee, Indian actor

“Finding Happiness is not a fiction but reality. Everyone in the movie is truly living and I know and met most of them. These communities are islands of peace, harmony, friendship, happiness, joy, and prosperity. They are bound to be replicated all over the world before long. The film is going to create a positive impact all over the world.” Padmashri D.R. Kaarthikeyan, IPS, for CBI Director

“Very well done film that brings the message of universal love and cooperation. This is the practical implementation of the Rigvedic declaration: Yatva Vishwam Bharati Ekanidum.” Justice Srikrishna, Supreme Court

“The movie brought life into focus ! It gave me wings ! And it nurtured my soul. Watch it ! Enjoy it ! And you will automatically live it !! ‘Finding Happiness’ gives a simple but a significant message to the world. About returning to innocence and re-connecting with one’s soul. We actually need very little to be happy. This is the path which I believe the truly wise and brave ones walk. I’m so inspired by Ananda, I cannot wait to experience it in Assisi or even in my own country India.” Raageshwari Loomba. Actor – Singer – Tibetan Yoga expert, Motivational Speaker

“I have been taking notes throughout the film of what ideas inspired me. I don’t even know what to choose. Education, living in harmony, spirituality…I am just so inspired.”
Karthik Hariharan, IT consultant, Vice President Wipro, Chenai

“If you’ve ever wondered what’s ‘missing’ in your life, despite having everything, watch this film. It will touch your soul and leave you inspired.” Ayush Agrawal, Finance Professional

“As a cardiologist I am interested in happiness as there are 30% less heart attacks in happier people. This film is outstanding, fantastic! For me it’s important message is that we can have a normal life, “living in the same surroundings but raising consciousness.” This message should be spread throughout humanity; the film should be translated into many languages. I have researched Ananda and it’s profound spirituality is emboided in sharing and caring. So simple, so beautiful.”
Padmashree Dr. Manchanda, Senior Consultant Cardiologist, Sri Ganga Ram Hospital

“The movie clearly shows what is life’s ultimate goal and the means to achieve it. It conveys the message that possessions of things diminish value (happiness) whereas possessing values increases happiness.”
Mr. Veeramani, Chairman, GEM Group of Companies and noted philanthropist

“The movie inspires and projects ‘positivity founded in freedom.’ “Devi sampath Vimokshaya Nibhandhana asuri mathaa”.
Dr.H.R. Nagendra – Chancellor and President of VYASA Institute, Bangalore

“Finding Happiness helped me to learn what I need to add in my hectic life – the spiritual antibiotic of meditation – to enable me to lead a balanced life both professionally and socially.”
Dr. Harpreet Wasir, Cardiac Surgeon, Delhi

“It is a peace-giving, motivating movie. The movement is a great experiment and gives hope for the whole world to become one, peaceful, happy, harmonious place.”
Mr. Kalyan & Mrs. Shanthi Kalyan, Social Workers

“Finding Happiness is a game changer for me, a life altering experience, an eloquent film.”
Sachin Mehta, Chief Financial Officer, Kailash Picture Company Private Limited.

“By watching this wonderful, elevating film, it becomes clear that wealth and comfortable living cannot bring us real happiness, but that by serving others we come closer to Divine Grace.”
Guru Vijay Shanker, Journalist, Art Critic, Kuchipudi and Kathakali exponent

“Spiritual but not religious, inspiring. Brilliant, loved it.”
Mr. Shibu, Asst. Faculty of Yoga and Management, VYASA Institutue, Banglaore

“I truly enjoyed this movie. It is a wonderful amalgamation of the values of the East and the West. A heart-whelming story! Wonderful narration!”
Dr. Bhadrinath, Eminent Eye Surgeon, Chennai

“The message again came through the music which was uncluttered, clear, simple and which could be understood by all.”
Dr.Padmini, Dept. Head of Yoga Therapy for Common Ailments and Pain Management

“This movie has helped me understand the change I have always been seeking. I know now that change must come from within, and I have ideas about what I can do to achieve it.”
Manali Mehta, Mumbai

“I was inspired by seeing people from so many different races and cultures, embracing this way of life,a nd the wonderful educational system that develops cooperation amongst the children.”
Prem Kumar, Office Manager, Thoughtworks

“It was a visual treat, the whole production team has done an amazing job.”
Mr. Krishnamoorthy, Public Relations Officer for VYASA Institute

“The film’s message of ‘Simple Living and High Thinking’ inspired me to open a center in Himachal Pradesh”
Naveen Bahri, CEO, Camp Himalyan Retreat Center, New Delhi

“I feel fortunate to meet people like you. I always think that I want this kind of peace and happiness. I have experienced peace in villages. There is a new path shown to me through this movie. After you have achieved this kind of happiness do you want to go back to the materialist world?”
Sunil Sailan, Manager, Grand Hotel, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

“A very, very uplifting and inspiring film! This movie deserves to be disseminated to the largest number of people, since they would be given tools to transform their work place and homes into a holistic experience; integrating and transforming every aspect of life. I am thankful to have seen it.”
Manisha Verma, I.A.S., Joint secretary, National advisory board, (IAS officer working with Mrs.Gandhi)