We’ve captured the film’s development on video, starting with the first raw script in 2010. From “Ananda Movie,” the title passed through incarnations as An Expanding Light, Cities of Light (after the visionary book by Swami Kriyananda), and the final, unanimous choice—Finding Happiness.

These videos take us behind the scenes through the conceptual stages, through filming at Ananda Village, Sacramento, Palo Alto, and Assisi, Italy.

Interviews with the Filmmakers.

Finding Happiness Movie through the producers’ and director’s eyes.

A Vision. A film. A Reality.
Executive Producer Shivani Lucki and Communications Director Nandini Cerri talk about the film’s inspiration and vision. (3:25)

Meet the Filmmakers
Producer Roberto Bessi and writer-director Ted Nicolaou discuss the film’s appeal against a backdrop of beautiful footage shot at Ananda Village and Assisi, Italy. (3:37)

Director Ted Nicolau on Finding Happiness
Ted Nicolau recaps the experience of filming at Ananda Village in summer 2012. Meet this established Hollywood director, and hear his thoughts on working with the Ananda residents and actress Elisabeth Rohm. (2:34)


Backstage videographer Dave Bingham captures Finding Happiness Movie lead Elisabeth Rohm’s interactions with Ananda folks on location, and the shooting of her interviews with Ananda folks in character as Juliet. Dave takes us on location with a 26-member professional film crew in the inspiring setting of a spiritual community with 250 full-time members.

First Impressions
Background footage of filming as Juliet (actress Elisabeth Rohm) and her guide, David Eby, enter Ananda Village. (2:26)

Welcome to Crystal Hermitage
Filming begins — the crew sets up to shoot Juliet and David’s arrival at Crystal Hermitage. (5:48)

Juliet Meets Swami Kriyananda – Part 1
Juliet’s initial meeting with the Ananda community’s founder in the tea garden at Crystal Hermitage. (3:35)

The First Interview
The crew shoots Juliet’s interview with Swami Kriyananda, with voiceover by Ananda videographer Dave Bingham. (5:05)

Dancers at Rajarsi Ridge
Mirabai Deranja and Christopher Selbie, professional dancers born at Ananda Village, perform “Life Is A Dream” against a beautiful vista on Rajarsi Ridge. (3:28)

Filming Yogoata Dairy
The no-nonsense reporter Juliet Palmer meets a herd of goats and a former assistant sheriff and current dairy manager who melt her heart.

Filming “Brothers”
A high point in the film: the filming of “Brothers,” sung by choirs from America, Italy, and India. (3:59)

Meet Sujon Datta, Yogananda’s Great Grand-Nephew
Sujon shares his thoughts on playing his world-renowned ancestor.