yekra-finding-happiness-screen-shotBecome a Happiness Affiliate – Here’s How

Finding Happiness has partnered with YEKRA, an online streaming service for independent films which has created a grass-roots film distribution alternative. For the first time worthy independent films can reach a worldwide audience directly and exponentially. Films such as Thrive reached millions of viewers through this service.

Taking part in this partnership with us means that you become an Affiliate of Yekra for our particular film Finding Happiness. You copy and paste a code to download a player on your site, enabling visitors to your site to watch the film there. Your reward is earning a 20% commission from all who watch. It also enables others to become Happiness Affiliates from your site and earn the same 20%. Added benefit: you earn 20% of their 20% without diminishing what they receive.

The world’s happiness quotient increases as well, uplifting our planet.

Click here to sign on as an Affiliate, and follow the steps in the Yekra Affiliate Connect Program, which we have pictured here below to help you along.

[hr] Part 1: Signing up for Yekra’s Affiliate Connect Program: Click on the pictures for a larger view.


Step 1: On the affiliate enrollment page, click on “Sign Up Now”

Step 2: Click on “I’m new, sign me up!”


Step 3: You will be taken to the sign up form. Fill it with your personal information.

After signing up, you will find yourself in the “Collection” section. You will notice that Finding Happiness is automatically added to your collection.


Step 4: Click on the “My Profile” link on the top menu


Step 5: Scroll down the page, and enter your Paypal account e-mail to receive payments. Save changes.


Step 6: Go back to “Collection” on the top menu to see the film. Hover your mouse over it, and click on “Publish”


Now you can see all the different options to share the film and get your commission. To know how to use the different options, read instructions below.

Note: If you have technical questions regarding setting up Yekra, first visit Yekra’s FAQ to help you. If you cannot find your answer, you may submit a request to their tech-team. If you have an immediate question or concern and are unable to wait, please feel free to email, but we may still have to refer you to Yekra.

[hr]To embed Finding Happiness into your website:

Starting from the “Publish” page pictured above, you have two options:

  • If you want to embed the full movie player into your website, click on the “Copy” button to the right of the “Full Player” option, then, paste this code into your website’s html code *
  • If you only want to share a link to the movie, click on the “Copy” button to the right of the “Simple Link” option, then paste it into your website.
[hr]To add a banner of the Finding Happiness movie to your website:

Starting from the “Publish” page pictured above, select the format and size of the banner among the available options, then click on the “Copy” button to the right, and paste the code into your website *

[hr]To share the film through Facebook:

If you want to embed the Movie Player into your Facebook page, scroll down from the “Publish” page pictured above, and follow the instructions given to install the YEKRA app into your Facebook Page.

[hr]* NOTE for WordPress Users: If you are using WordPress, you will need paste the copied code in the text area of your post or page, but make sure you select “Text” as the input mode, instead of “Visual”. You can switch this option on the top and right of your content area.

For more ways to share the movie, see our Share Happiness page