ananda-village-historyManager of a rural spiritual community in the California Sierra Nevada foothills, Atman Goering, speaks on the radio talk show, Mind Matters, Monday January 27, from 1pm-2pm: Airing KKNW 1150 AM in the Seattle area. Click here to Listen LIVE.

Monday, January 27, at 5pm, Asha Praver of the Finding Happiness Movie speaks on the radio show, “Intuitive Guidance,”– on how raising our consciousness and awareness can lead to a happier life. Click here to Listen.

Interviews with film director, Ted Nicolau, and castmember Asha Praver:

NL-tedAwakening Zone Radio: How do you find happiness? Interview with writer-director of the film, Ted Nicolau, and Asha Praver, castmember and member of Ananda. Click here to listen. Original Air Date: December 9 at 1PM PCT.

Blog Talk Radio: Asha Praver, with director of the film, Ted Nicolau, speak on what it’s like to live in a real conscious living community. Click here to listen. Original Air Date: Wednesday December 11 at 4PM PCT.


Interviews with Producer, Shivani Lucki:

Shivani and CrewUnity FM The Intentional Spirit: Seeing and Being: Unity Minister Temple Hayes speaks with Shivani about the film, Finding Happiness. Original air date November 7, 11am PCT.  Coming soon to podcast, and download here.

Accidental Yogi, Yoga Chat Show: Producer, Shivani Lucki speaks about how the film came to be. Original air date November 6, Wednesday at 1pm PCT. Click here to listen.

CoSozo Radio: Radio talk show original air date November 16, Saturday. Click here to listen.

Living Your Dreams: Interview with Mara Brown on Public Access TV, Channel 36, West Hollywood, California. Airing 3x per week November 2013 – February 2014.


Let’s Talk about Conscious Community:

David Eby and Edith Forrester from the movie Finding Happiness speak on Blog Talk Radio about the film. Original air date November 8 at 1pm PCT.

New Lifestyle Podcasts with Hello Dr CJ on BlogTalkRadio InnerView December 9, with castmember Ram, from the urban spiritual community in Los Angeles. Click here to listen.


Interviews with Writer-Director, Ted Nicolau:

KNCO Interview with Peter Goering and Ted Nicolaou: If you missed radio interview with Peter Goering and Ted Nicolaou (director of Finding Happiness), it’s not too late to be inspired. Those who caught the live broadcast say it’s well worth a listen.

Living Purpose Interview: In this interview, Jesse Herriott talks with Ted Nicolaou, American Film Director & Screenwriter about his latest film project: “Finding Happiness,” starring Elisabeth Rohm, SAG-nominated actress. A fascinating  “behind the scenes” glimpse of how this unusual film unfolded.

BlogTalkRadio: Conversation about Happiness with Host Cyrus Webb. Click to listen here.[hr]

Interviews with cast member, Asha Praver:

ashaInterview with Dr. Michelle Cohen: Dr. Cohen, host of On the Couch with Dr. Michelle on LA Talk Radio, interviews Nayaswami Asha, featured in Finding Happiness. Asha talks about her experiences on set and her 40 years as a close collaborator with Swami Kriyananda in the Ananda communities movement. Listen on Itunes here.

David Gibbons From London: The Life of Swami Kriyananda: David Gibbons interviews Nayaswami Asha on “In Discussion” from the UK. Read the article here.

Seeking Serenity Interview with Asha Praver: Date-Time coming soon.