Host Finding Happiness

In partnership with Gathr Films and their “Theatrical On Demand®” program, we are launching Finding Happiness April 12, 2018 in theaters across the U.S. and continuing on through the year.

To host a screening (Gathr uses the word captain) in a theater in your area, sign up below!

Find out more about the hosting process here.

Why would I want to host Finding Happiness?

  • You enjoy presenting something that inspires and moves people
  • You’d like to connect with other like-minded people in your area who are interested in things like sustainable agriculture, holistic education, intentional community, spiritual practices like yoga and meditation, alternative lifestyles, conscious parenting, etc.
  • You are familiar with Paramhansa Yogananda and want to share the inspiring solutions for these troubling times that come from his teachings
  • You want to help individuals discover that happiness comes from within.

Overview of the Process

  • Gathr screenings of the film can occur Monday through Thursday.
  • Choose the date before you begin to register. Here are some things to consider when choosing your date.
  • Follow the instructions below to register with Gathr Films.
  • Contact us once you’ve registered so we can offer support with promoting your screening by providing research, flyers and promotional materials for niche markets and include you in our social media campaign.
  • Gathr and the theater get paid out of ticket sales at no cost to you. You just need a set number of tickets sold online for your screening to occur. That number is based on the size and location of your theater and usually averages between 40 and 80.

Ready to sign up?

Directions for signing up:

  1. Click the Become a Movie Captain button below to sign up at “Theatrical on Demand”.
  2. Click the Change Location button to put in the appropriate zip code.
  3. Choose theater, time and date and click the Continue button.
  4. Create a Theatrical on Demand Account or login with Facebook. You will receive a confirmation from Gathr.
  5. Please contact us so we can send you further instructions and support your event.

Become a Movie Captain

Need Help? Have Questions?

Call Santoshi at (530) 478-7661 or email her here.