Finding Happiness has already impacted thousands of lives well before the film has even been released.  Here are a few stories of how the film, and its message, is changing peoples lives. Do you have a story about how Finding Happiness has touched your life? If you’r interested in sharing it we’d love to hear from you!

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 Impact of Seeing the Film

What the world has now is love sweet love……the Finding Happiness film filled me with feelings of love, hope, joy and delight that there is a way….a way to be together where peace and inspiration reign in day-to-day living….a way to integrate spirituality into everyday life….living day-to-day with respect, integrity, and compassion for fellow community dwellers and for all humanity.  As this way continues to blossom forth, it can’t help but bring our ‘oneness’ into view…..with World Peace as the destination!!” – Jill Barker

Watching Finding Happiness made my heart feel joy! It gave me a sense of peace and optimism for the future of all people. I feel that viewers will be inspired to learn about how to live in communities. I also feel that they’ll be coming to Ananda more and more. It showed Ananda in a clear light of radiance, depth, and joy – and how people everywhere can live, happy, full-rounded lives in harmony, without the stimulus of the everyday world. It touched me very deeply. I know it will touch thousands. It portrays AnandaVillage in particular as a “heaven on earth.” In some ways, it really does feel like heaven when I am there. The colors are exquisite and the music gives it upliftment and expansion beyond all words.” – D’Arcy DeLyle, Mountain View, CA

I loved Finding Happiness! It touched at the heart of what we are striving for at Ananda. I felt it was an honest and beautiful portrayal of the essence of Ananda; a place where people work together, supporting each other materially and spiritually to become the most expansive expressions of who we really are. What a beautiful film! What a beautiful movement!” – Erica Glazzard, Mountain View, CA

Impact of Working on the Film

What I loved most about working on the movie was the crew. They seemed to totally get into the joyful flow of Ananda and understand on a deep level what we are doing. More even than understand, they seemed to be mirroring the same spirit of joy and loving-kindness. I was very inspired by the spirit with which they served and how they offered one-hundred-percent of their talents to the production. They felt like our extended family. At one point, I heard an exchange between two of the men on the sound crew. One said, ‘You put the microphone on Swami yesterday, I get to put it on him today.’” – Nayaswami Anandi