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How to Create a Happiness Bucket List:

Write down a list of things that you want to start doing today that will help you achieve your goals for becoming a happier, healthier, more radiant you.

Make your list action-oriented, practical, and possible. Be sure to include both those things that you think will be easy to incorporate into your life, as well as more challenging. Dream big and visualize yourself accomplishing each item on your list as you focus your energy on making it a reality.

If you don’t know where to begin–talk to family and friends about what they want to start doing in order to live a happier life, or borrow ideas from the article with Tips for How to Be Happy.

Then inspire others to do the same. Continue to help motivate one another, challenge each other to make greater changes, and help each other to break through barriers.

Sample Finding Happiness Bucket List:

  • Try to spend at least 15 minutes in nature every day.

  • Commit to a bi-weekly or more yoga or exercise class.

  • Try to learn something new I’ve always wanted to do.

  • Take an around-the-world trip and explore new cultures.

  • Be kinder to my loved ones.

  • Make a complete stranger smile.

  • Volunteer at least once a month, even every week, to a cause I truly believe in.

  • Learn to meditate.

  • Try a new healthy recipe each week and share it with family and friends.

  • Make happiness a skill, something I can practice and study how to be happier each day.

  • Start the day with a happiness quote, and share it with others to inspire them.

“When you change, your whole world changes.” Begin the journey to finding happiness.